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Auto Loan Quotes
Auto loans are a method of purchasing a vehicle using payments over time. Most consumers cannot pay cash for an automobile, so the vehicle loan amount is broken down into monthly payments comprised of principal and interest.
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Bad Credit Secured Loan
Bad credit loans describe money lent (or credit granted to) consumers who have bad, poor, or slow credit. Consumers with bad credit scores face tougher applications and higher interest rates, but loans for bad credit people are available.
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Cash Reward Cards
Cash cards are very similar to credit cards in that they are accepted anywhere credit cards are accepted. The difference is that the former are also known as debit cards. The card is linked to a checking or savings account, and use of the card immediately withdraws cash from your account.
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0 APR Credit Card
Credit cards are a type of money substitute that allows you to make purchases without cash. The card is issued by a bank or credit union in your name. This creates a credit account, which has a maximum spending limit known as the credit limit.
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Bad Credit Card Debt
Credit card debt is one of the fastest growing types of debt in the financial world. A credit card is a line of credit issued to a consumer by a bank. It is implemented by the consumer applying for a card account, being approved by the financial institution, and receiving a plastic card imprinted with a unique account number. There is a spending limit associated with the account, which many card companies are willing to raise either with or without the consumers request. Combined with interest rates charged by the issuing bank for the convenience of paying for expensive items over time, and the convenience of using plastic money, these charge cards enable a consumer to accumulate large amounts of debt quickly.
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Credit Union Bank
Credit unions are financial cooperatives that perform most or all the services of a bank. Banks can be chartered by States or by the Federal Government, and as such, their deposits are insured by FDIC insurance. Credit or thrift unions, on the other hand, are a kind of cooperative banking system in which all depositors pool their money, thereby making it available to for loans and financial services to other lenders. A major difference between banks and cooperative unions is that the latter only accept members (depositors) from a specific group of people.
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Finance Course
Expert finance advice is very much in demand these days. The ever-growing maze of laws and regulations regarding taxes, banking, stock trading, loans, stimulus package tax credits, investing, equity liquidation, mortgages and any money-related issue you can think of, requires you to have professional financial advice before proceeding. Some things can be found online, such as a finance calculator to calculate monthly payments on a car loan, or financial courses at the local college.
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Gas Visa
Gas rebate cards are credit cards issued by oil companies for the purpose of purchasing gas, oil, and other automotive items at gas stations affiliated with the oil company. These gas cards look and work like credit cards, and offer cash back, free gas, or gas discounts when they are used. Companies such as Discover, Hess, Visa, MasterCard, Sunoco, and others offer gasoline rebate cards.
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Income Tax Software
An income tax refund is the return of the overpayment of income taxes to the U.S. taxpayer from the U.S. Government. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax laws require that every American citizen meeting certain annual income requirements, called tax brackets, to pay a certain amount of their paycheck to the government. These federal withholding taxes are automatically removed from each taxpayer's paycheck.
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Payday Advance Loan
Payday loans are a new and quick kind of cash loan. These so-called paycheck loans can be a fast source of emergency income if used responsibly and paid back within the loan period. To obtain a payday cash advance, visit a payday store, complete the application, and wait for approval. The money you are loaned is secured by signing over your next paycheck to the loans store.
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Reverse Mortgage Rates
Reverse mortgages are being utilized by more and more senior citizens as an additional source of retirement income. Requirements for reversing your mortgage include that you be at least 62 years old and own most or all of your home. Although it is a loan and not a true mortgage, the bank or broker will pay you monthly mortgage-like payments (including interest!) while you live in your home, which must repaid when the homeowner is deceased.
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College Savings Accounts
Savings accounts are bank accounts which are used by bank customers to save or accumulate money. Banks encourage depositors to store cash in their savings accounts by paying interest on those accounts. Regular savings pay a up to a few percent interest to the customer regardless of the amount saved, while Certificates of Deposit (CDs) pay higher interest rates but require the money to stay in the account for months or years.
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Private College Loan
School loans consist of money borrowed from a bank or credit union in order to pay college or university tuition. Tuition costs are very high for many colleges, especially for specialty degrees such as graduate school, and law, nursing, and medical schools. Financial aid from education loans is typically repaid by the student after graduation. Multiple college loans are often consolidated at lower rates of interest for easier repayment.
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Structured Settlement For Sale
Structured settlements are a method of awarding a personal injury victim a large sum of money by structuring the court settlement as a series of equal annuity payments disbursed over many years or even decades, rather than a lump sum award.
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